Marketing Kicked Up a Notch

I have been working away since the publication of Dispensary Life: A Survival Guide to Budtending in Cannabis-Legal States to ensure that it ends up in the right hands of the people who can market it to cannabis industry members.

I have since teamed up with a few different blogs, bookstores, and libraries to promote the book and I would like to highlight them for you below and give you links to access them! Thank you to everyone supporting Dispensary Life and the movement!

First is the places you can buy Dispensary Life. I began the project by self-publishing to Amazon to distribute the book to many people. From there, the Jefferson County Public Library took on Dispensary Life to go to four different libraries at Belmar, Columbine, Lakewood and Stanley Lake. You can find them here:

Then Denver Public Library decided to accept three copies for their catalog to go to Ross-Barnum, Byers and Virginia Village found here:

Tattered Cover

Tattered Cover

After being accepted into the libraries, there was a need for Dispensary Life to be accessed and bought in real time on a physical shelf in Denver. That was when I contacted Tattered Cover Bookstore in Denver and asked to submit a pitch to be considered to their catalog to distribute. I told them that my book needed physical space to be bought and I preferred their stores to begin this process. In August Dispensary Life was given a spot in the “Health” section under “Marijuana” alongside great authors like Ed Rosenthal. What an honor! Tattered Cover catalog is found here:

As always, Dispensary Life is available on Amazon and can be accessed here:

Blog Features

Dispensary Life has been featured on several blogs over the summer and into the fall! There has been a buzz of excitement surrounding the movement and what may happen in the event of marijuana legalization in the future. Here are a few that were featuring Dispensary Life:

Budtender Nation is an up and coming blog and social media site dedicated to connecting and networking with Budtenders all over the USA. In a much need service it assists the cannabis industry by allowing people to talk with each other, find information, search jobs and a lot of other functions along with it’s blog, The Good Shit. Dispensary Life was featured over the summer in Volume 6 of The Good Shit found here:

Recently in their Fall edition, Dispensary Life was featured by 420 Book Society on their Recommended Reading List! This is very exciting as this blog presents books that directly influence and inspire the High Society. It is supremely important to be accessible to more readers through the existing networks that already educate others on the cannabis industry. 420 Book Society is based out of California which is another huge first for Dispensary Life to travel to another cannabis legal state to influence and educate on the marijuana industry. 420 Book Society Blog – Recommended Reading List can be found here:

Thank you to all my readers and supporters of the movement and momentum of the book release! There is so much more success to come with Dispensary Life and the sky is the limit. I am so glad to have you all with me on this journey.