Welcome to Dispensary Life online portal for all of your industry resources. Future Budtenders, cannabis industry members, book enthusiasts: welcome to the next level in education. The site is also meant to bring people together in the effort for legalization, another initiative described in the book and in the Dispensary Life Mission Statement. Bringing it all together means bringing everyone together in the dream to move the plant forward to have it nationally legalized and available to all Americans.

So who is the person behind the computer and the author behind the book? My name is Bethany Weisbacher and I’m a Budtender in a recreational dispensary in Denver, Colorado. I’ve been working in marijuana since December 2015 when I got my support badge. I remember feeling an unreal energy coming from the anticipation of beginning the journey of a lifetime. I began my work as a trimmer, harvest and production on a large-scale grow. This gave me determination and inspiration to learn as much as I could about the plant.

I decided to leave trimming and move into a production role at a vape pen manufacturer. This gave me a behind the scenes knowledge in how the vape pens in the cannabis industry work. It also let me see how accessories such as vape pens are created before they hit the dispensary shelves. This expanded my knowledge and inspired me to continue to grow.

Then I moved into a courier role at a warehouse grow. This gave me more harvest and production experience and opened my mind to what a courier does within the cannabis industry. Ultimately it was not what I was meant to do. I knew it wasn’t right.

So I found my final destination at the recreational dispensary I currently work at. We have some of the greatest customers in Denver. Since it is a small mom-and-pop shop we get to do personalized customer service. This really drove my idea to write the book out as I was trained because I found that Budtenders are trained differently across the board. If everyone got to work with people on an individual basis in a customer-first environment, the cannabis industry can grow into a more legitimate corporation throughout the country.

My hopes are that the cannabis industry become free from the legislation that held it back for so long, that the next generation of Americans to be able to inherit the plant and it’s medicinal values, and that America ascends into a renaissance of creativity into the new millennium, elevated together.