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Bethany Weisbacher is a Denver-based traveling cannabis consultant. After creating and self-publishing Dispensary Life, Bethany has become a sought-after authority on how to work in a dispensary, what cannabis is, the diversity of products within the industry, and sustainability in cannabis. She is always available to speak with fans of the book, and mentor people who are interested in a cannabis career. Bethany believes that we all thrive when we work together, and that the cannabis industry is big enough for all of us to participate within.

Bethany is available as a consultant to speak to anyone regarding the cannabis industry, whether media or dispensaries. Whether Facetime or over the phone or in person, you can schedule to speak to Bethany personally by clicking the link below.

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Hey Beth! What are some of the things you are most proud of since launching Dispensary Life: A Survival Guide to Budtending in Cannabis-Legal States in April, 2018?!