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Bethany Weisbacher began writing Dispensary Life in July 2017 through the encouragement of the staff at the dispensary where she works. While training as a Budtender, she realized that there weren’t written manuals or guides offered, online or otherwise. She began to document the training she received over the course of three months. The wisdom gained translated into the text and the book was conceived.

Bethany currently lives in Denver and works as a Budtender at a local recreational dispensary. She began her cannabis industry journey in December of 2014 as a trimmer. Bethany has also worked cannabis industry production and couriering, but loves customer service best.

Bethany enjoys the city life of Denver as well as the activity of the mountains. You can probably find her running in the park or up on the side of the Rockies. She lives with her husband, roommate and fur baby Zoey.

Bethany envisions a bright future for the United States in national marijuana legalization, for an end to the opioid epidemic, a societal healing with the plant, and for future generations to inherit the human right to consume cannabis.

Bethany wants to hear from you, the Budtender. Find her on Twitter (@Dispensary420) and Instagram (@DispensaryLife420).

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