Happy 4/20 to all Industry Members!

I know we are about two weeks after 4/20 but I just want to write about and recognize how monumental and historic this year was. It was a once in a lifetime party indowntown with many cannabis industry members, tourists, family and friends.

Why is 4/20 historic this year? We have had a shift in political, societal, criminal and legislative outlooks on the cannabis plant this year. There has been a spike in media coverage on the plant in the past year, along with advancement in social media marketing. Colorado cannabis cultivation and sales have skyrocketed and we have found additional scientific research to benefit the legalization of the plant. Overall, industry members are feeling a momentum of national legalization on the horizon, which is a lot to celebrate!


For me personally, this year was significant for many reasons. I have become a professional accomplished Budtender, succeeding in the retail space for recreational cannabis. I was able to write, have edited, self-published Dispensary Life: a survival guide to Budtending in cannabis-legal states. I have many hopes and dreams to accompany the book and it’s journey to educate Budtenders and the public.


So I hope you all had a wonderful 4/20 with many joints and blunts, friends and family, and naps and munchies.