Hello cannabis enthusiasts! I am thrilled to be writing to everyone one year later in the development of Dispensary Life. So much has happened in the way of the book, and I am excited to share all the newest developments with you all.

First of all, Happy 4/20 to all my favorite stoners. We all deserve to take a moment to reflect on our success within the ever-fruitful cannabis industry, cannabis careers and education taking place so that the industry is a diverse, inclusive space where there is room for everyone.

My journey with Dispensary Life has been a creative, educational, evolutionary, and inclusive. I have spent the last year interviewing my mentors and becoming a mentor to many people across the country who have questions and need further information regarding the cannabis industry and their own personal journey into a cannabis career. I want to encourage everyone who requires further information to feel free to contact me for information that they require to begin. That is what the book is all about.

I have recently been featured in Women in Weed magazine, a publication put out by Indigo and Haze company, under the section regarding books to read regarding the cannabis industry. This was my first national publication distributed that highlights the book and how it can be used in anyone’s library for their cannabis career.

I was also interviewed by Lifehacker web blog regarding how to enter a dispensary as a new customer (blog post here), as there are many products and ways to use cannabis. I was asked to break down the various forms of cannabis, how to consume them, and what the future of the cannabis industry is going to look like. I was honored to speak on the subject, further projecting me as a cannabis consultant, my true future calling of the industry itself. The blog can be found within the Dispensary Life website.

As we embark on another year in the Dispensary Life, I encourage all of you to make the most of your cannabis career and experience. To find your true calling within the industry, to take chances, make mistakes and fail, as you never know what you may find along the way. The only way to succeed is to first take the fall, and to pick yourself back up, all while enjoying the ride.


With Love,